• Q: Why love Gloria Jean’s Coffees?
    A: Since launching our first Australian coffee house in 1996, we’ve worked hard to build a positive brand synonymous with delicious coffee and warm, friendly service. We’ve continued to grow in popularity with our extensive coffee and beverage range, which is evident whenever you walk into one of our coffee houses. It’s our dedication to quality products, along with our energetic and passionate Franchise Partner family, that helps protect the strength of our brand and keeps our guests coming back for more.
  • Q: What does it take to be a Franchise Partner?
    A: To be an ideal Franchise Partner, this is what we’re looking for:
    • A passion for Gloria Jean’s Coffees – most of our Franchise Partners started out as loyal guests before joining our brand.
    • No industry experience required – although some business experience is an advantage
    • Demonstrate an understanding of basic financial statements and accounting/bookkeeping procedures
    • Great leadership, motivation and communication skills
    • The ability and willingness to follow our proven operating systems and be hands-on working in the business
    • A commitment to excellence – at every level, from your personal presentation to your ability to lead your team
    • Energy – running your own coffee house requires ongoing drive and dedication, and quite a lot of physical work, to deliver an exceptional experience to your guests every time
    • Integrity – a love of great coffee and a commitment to treating your team and guests with respect and honesty is essential
    • The financial capacity – you need to meet our financial criteria and provide proof of funding
  • Q: Am I required to run my coffee house?
    A: Absolutely. This isn’t a hands-off investment. We truly believe the success of your coffee house is directly linked to your commitment at every level of the business operations. With an active involvement, you’re able to understand every aspect of running your coffee house.
    We are here to support you and will work with you to help maximise your business potential. We offer the tools you need to run a successful business, and have a proven track record in providing quality operating systems to our Franchise Partners. We also expect that you work within our proven operating model.
  • Q: What does it cost to open up a coffee house?
    A: The actual cost varies from coffee house to coffee house, and we provide more detail during the earlier stages of our franchise selection process.
  • Q: What are the ongoing fees?
    A: • The Traditional Concept ongoing fees are: 6% (comprising a 2% continuing trade mark licence fee + 4% continuing technical assistance fee), plus 2% marketing levy (advertising fund).
    • The Drive Thru Concept fees are: 8% (comprising a 2% continuing trade mark licence fee + 6% continuing technical assistance fee), plus 2% marketing levy (advertising fund).
    • Based on gross sales less GST, paid by direct debit monthly
  • Q: What is the term of the franchise agreement?
    A: This may vary though depending on the term of the lease applicable to the site.
  • Q: What training will I receive?
    A: We offer you a world-class Franchise Partner training program, preparing you for owning one of our coffee houses. Our Coffee University runs for 5 weeks (2 weeks in our Sydney Training Centre and 3 weeks in coffee houses in your home state). All persons with either a financial or operational interest in the franchise must complete this training. The fee of $13,750 (excluding GST) allows for two people to complete the course simultaneously.
    Our initial training is backed by our online learning and communications platform, CREMA and is available to Franchise Partners and team members 24/7.
    You can rest easy that with your initial Franchise Partner Induction Program, online training platform, team member specific training and the support you’ll receive from our team, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to help maximise your coffee house success.